b'Talking Points for Residentsand Ways to Obtain ComplianceEngage your residents and provide clear communications.Talking Points Obtaining ComplianceIndoor air qualityCommunicate the policy to Indoor air will be healthier and protectprospective residents, employees, everyone from secondhand-smokeand visitors on a continual basis. Use exposure. signage, newsletters and advertising. Be clear that both guests and staff Safety need to follow the policy. Fire risks for residents and families can Visit the property frequently to be lowered.observe compliance and establish a Everybody is welcome protocol for dealing with violations.People who smoke are welcome but Document and investigate complaints will have to step outside and away frompromptly and take appropriate the building to smoke. actions to ensure compliance with the no-smoking policy. Consider using Less building damage andmediation as a way to resolve issues maintenance costs with compliance if necessary.Management may be able to help keep Maintain good sign placement rental rates stable. throughout the property such as the international no-smoking symbol.Respect for your neighborsOffer residents a safe and anonymous Smoke has no boundaries and canway to report violations.travel between units.Thank staff, managers, and residents for their cooperation and help.For additional implementation and compliance tips, model surveys, model policies and more, visit: mysmokefreehousing.org or cosmokefreehousing.org9'