b'Growing TrendHundreds of housing providers in Coloradohave implemented 100% smoke-free policies covering all buildings and grounds.Is It Legal to Prohibit Smoking in My Building?Yes! Colorados Clean Indoor Air Act prohibits smoking and vaping in all indoor common areas and allows housing providers to prohibit tobacco or marijuana smoking orAs of July 31, 2018, HUD requires vaping in all or any part of their property,public-housing authorities to have both indoors and outdoors. implemented smoke-free policiesThere is no legal or Constitutional right to smokewithin residential buildings and tobacco or marijuana. prohibits smoking within 25 feetNo-smoking policies are not discriminatory andof those buildings. Other federally do not violate fair-housing regulations. Peoplesubsidized housing providers are who smoke are not a protected class accordingencouraged to follow suit and to federal or state law.implement smoke-free policies at their residential properties.CRS 25-14-206. Optional prohibitions. (1) The owner or manager of any place otherwise exempted under section 25-14-205 may post signs prohibiting smoking. Such posting shall have the effect of including such place and in the places where smoking is prohibited or restricted pursuant to this part 2.5'