b'Group to Alleviate Smoking PollutionAdvocating for smoke-free polices since 1977.Published by the Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution (GASP of Colorado)a nonprofit organization working to eliminate secondhand smoke from the air we breathe by advocating for smoke-free policies at work, in public places, and in multiunit housing. For further information visit gaspforair.org or call (303) 444-9799. Third Edition, October 2020. Nothing in this booklet shall constitute legal advice. Please consult an attorney before pursuing any policy that restricts smoking in housing for proper language and compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Contents 3A Quick Survey: Does a No-Smoking Policy Make Sense for You? 4Why Should I Consider a No-Smoking Policy? 5Is It Legal to Prohibit Smoking in My Building? 6Save Money and Time 7Happy Residents Stay Longer 8Steps to Implementing a No-Smoking Policy 9Ways to Obtain Compliance10Protecting Public Health11Ten Reasons to Implement a No-Smoking Policy12Smoke-Free Housing Web Resources in ColoradoA Special Thank YouKeith Cooper, Jill Bednarek, Colorado Department of Health and Environment; Peggy Sarcomo, Teddy Montoya, Jennifer Fine, Denver Public Health; Annie Murphy, Dufford Waldeck Law; Timothy Johnson, Greccio Housing; Mark Lampert, Ann Lampert Realty, Inc.; Walter Young; Liz Williams, Americans for Nonsmokers Rights; Kara Skahen, Live Smoke Free: Association for Nonsmokers MNCreative TeamPeter Bialick, Editor, GASP of Colorado; Mollie Newman, Proofreader; Linda Parks, Graphic Design2mysmokefreehousing.org | cosmokefreehousing.org'