b'Source: 2018 TABS84.8% 89.5% 63.5%Percent of adults who Percent of households Percent of multiunitDO NOT smoke. reported having households that supportno-smoking rules. no-smoking rules.Happy and Healthy Residents Stay Longer Most multiunit residents in Colorado prefer living in anonsmoking building. Coloradans are used to being protected from exposure to secondhand smoke in workplaces, restaurants, bars, and public places due to state and local laws. They also expect clean indoor air in their dwellings, and are entitled to live in a safe and healthy environment. Most residents, especially people with chronic health conditions, do not want to suffer the health consequences of breathingin secondhand smoke when it drifts into their residences.More than 60 housing authorities in Colorado have found that implementing smoke-free policies in affordable housing makes good health sense for the residents and staff. In addition, they are finding smoke-free policies make good business sense by helping retain residents, and reducing the maintenance and other operational costs. Colorado NAHRO (National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials)7'