b' While our research often reveals market opportunities, it is rare to see such an obvious one. The advantages of implementing a smoke-free policy are so significant that, if a private property-management firm had conducted the research, it might be tempted to keep the findings confidential to gain an initial competitive advantage.Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. Portland, OregonSumming It All UpTen Reasons to Implement a No-Smoking or Smoke-Free Policy1.Cost Savings6.Preferred by ResidentsReduce cleaning, repair, painting,84.8% of adults in Colorado do not furniture replacement, and othersmoke. A 2018 statewide survey maintenance and administrativeindicated that 63.5% of Coloradans costs. think that smoking should not be 2.Fire Safety allowed in multiunit residential Cigarette fires in Colorado causebuildings.roughly: 7.Expected by Residents 5% of all residential fires Colorado residents are accustomed36% of all residential fire fatalitiesto smoke-free policies at work and in14% of all residential fire injuries bars, restaurants, and public places;7% of all residential property loss they expect to be protected in their 3.Energy Savings housing as well.Decrease air-filtration and labor8.Healthier Environmentcosts by up to 30%. There is no safe level of exposure to 4.Free Advertising secondhand smoke. No-smoking Your properties will be listed atpolicies help people who are trying mysmokefreehousing.com. to quit smoking succeed.5.Allowed by Law 9.Non-DiscriminatoryThese policies are allowed by theThere is no Constitutional right to Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act andsmoke, and no-smoking policies do are required or encouraged by HUD. not violate the Fair Housing Act.10. TrendsThousands of multiunit residential buildings have adopted no-smoking policies.11'