b'Effective and Proven A 2015 American Lung Association study Steps to Implementing aof Colorado housing providers found that a 100% smoke-free policy that No-Smoking Policy covers the entire property is easier for Cover all types of smoking, includingresidents and staff to understand, and tobacco, marijuana, electronic cigarettes,for management to enforce.and other forms of vaping. Involve residents in the process and determine their opinions and needs through surveys before and after implementation. Seek advice from other housing providers who have no-smoking policies.Educate residents about the health dangers of secondhand smoke and how smoking increases fire risk. Promote stop-smoking resources like: Colorado Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW)tobaccofreeco.org Communicate the policy terms, effective date, and consequence of violations through meetings, in person, and in writing with signatures of all parties. You may want to consult an attorney.Create a plan to obtain policy compliance with residents, management, staff and contractors. Inform neighboring property owners about the policy and whom to best contact about any concerns. Plan a phase-in period and set an effective date for the policy to be implemented. A 12-to 18-month period is recommended. Make no exceptions to the policy as they canFor the most effective policies, create resident confusion, frustration, andsmoking should be prohibited:distrust of management. Exceptions make enforcement more difficult and may lead toIn all indoor areas and units.fair-housing or false-advertising complaints.On balconies, patios, and porches. At all outdoor common areas.See the back cover for a list of available resources to At least 25 feet away from any partassist you with many of these steps. of a building.8mysmokefreehousing.org | cosmokefreehousing.org'