b'Save Time. Save Money.A no-smoking policy helps lower your operating costs.Reduces general maintenance costs such as: Cleaning and repairing carpets, fixtures and window treatments. Priming and painting walls. Replacing furniture.Decreases ground maintenance: When the policy covers the entire property.Decreases air-treatment system usage: Lowers utility bills by about 30% (according to estimates by Marriott Hotels).Lowers fire risk and damage: Cigarette fires in Colorado cause roughly 5% of all residential fires inColorado, 36% of all residential fire fatalities, 14% of all residential fire injuries,and 7% of all residential property loss. May lower insurance premiums. Ask your insurance provider about acomprehensive fire-safe policy discount.Improves property values: Less damage caused by tobacco smoke and discarded cigarettes. Easier to rent or sell smoke-free homes.Saves management and staff time:Spend less time dealing with smoking-related complaints and issues.Protects the health of: Residents, staff, and maintenance personnel.Reduces the risk of: Lawsuits by people affected by exposure to secondhand smoke. Fair-housing and disability complaints. Constructive eviction claims.Costs to rehab housing units where smoking took place:Smoking Units: $5,500$12,000Smoke-Free Units: $500$2,500American Lung Association in Colorado 2015 study of housing providers6mysmokefreehousing.org | cosmokefreehousing.org'