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Topic: Conference Calls


Blue Sky Restoration- Costs and Techniques (Feb.2009) (MP3)

Jim Bergman-Public Housing Now (March 2011) (MP3)

Jim Bergman/LaFord/Rodriquez-Housing Authority Policies (Oct. 2008) (MP3)

John Campbell-Messages for Housing Providers (Jan. 2009) (MP3)

John Tuchsherer - Fort Collins Housing Authority Experience (Jan 2012) (MP3)

John Tuchsherer- Fort Collins Housing Authority (May 2010) (MP3)

Lori Rosendah-Running a Housing Authority (Jan. 2011) (MP3)

Snip Young-Pete Bialick- PHA Health, Economic, and Enforcement Factors (Feb. 2015) (MP3)

Tina Pettingill-Communicating With Residents (Feb 2011) (Powerpoint)

Warren Ortland-Disclosure/Enforcement (Oct. 2009) (MP3)

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