Condominium owners who are experiencing problems with tobacco smoke intrusion in their units may find the on-line suggestions provided in the Apartments and Condominium Tips section of this Web site useful.  Be sure to review all covenants and governing documents to determine the process for instituting new policies.  In some cases, a majority vote of the owners may be required. Educate owners and Board about the issue such as the danger of secondhand smoke, fire dangers, ventilation issues, etc.  Forms for documenting your efforts and letter-writing tips are provided in the Resident Resources section.  Also check out the Landlord and Management Resources section. Review some of the additional resources and the landlord guide on this site.


Other Suggestions:


Attend your association board meetings and find out how decisions are made.


Speak up during an open forum or ask your board to add time to the agenda to cover this topic.


This fact sheet is provided as a public service and is not intended as legal advice.

Please consult an attorney before implementing a smoke-free policy.

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