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TOPIC:Management Resources

Are Multiunit Smoking Restrictions Legal? (Word/Text)

Best No-Smoking Policy to Adopt (PDF)

Case for Smoke-Free Housing (Powerpoint)

Colorado Guide to Establishing No-Smoking Policies in Multiunit Housing (PDF)

Compliance Techniques (PDF)

Cost of Converting a Smoking Unit to Non-Smoking (PDF)

Devices and Tests to Detect Smoking in Housing (Word/Text)

Engaging Residents in Adopting a Smoke-Free Policy (External Link)

Free Quit Smoking Assistance Available (PDF)

Impact of Smoke-Free Housing Policies (PDF)

Incense Smoke (Word/Text)

Is There a Constitutional Right to Smoke? (PDF)

Liability Risks for Housing Providers (PDF)

Making the Case for Smoke-Free Housing Video (External Link)

Marijuana and Reasonable Accommodation (Word/Text)

Marijuana Restrictions in Multiunit Housing (Colorado) (Word/Text)

Model Lease 2016 (Colorado) (PDF)

Model Lease Addendum With Penalties (2016) (PDF)

Model Resident Survey (PDF)

No-Smoking or Smoke-Free? (External Link)

Residents Share Concerns About Smoking (PDF)

Save Money, Save Your Building (PDF)

The Rights of Housing Providers (External Link)

Thirdhand Smoke in Apartments and What to Do About it (PDF)

Working With Community Partners to Adopt a Smoke-Free Policy (External Link)


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