Save Money, Save Your Building


Going smoke-free saves you money and helps save your building.  Here are some interesting facts:


     Maintenance Savings.  One paint contractor estimated that to paint a one-bedroom apartment of a smoker could cost $800-900, almost double that of painting a nonsmoker’s apartment.   However, the cost of removing tobacco smoke from carpets, cabinetry, furniture, etc. could be much higher. Black Label Restoration in Colorado Springs estimates that the average cost for an entire cleaning due to the damage caused by smoking in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment can run $9,500 to $15,000. In addition, if apartment units are furnished, creating a smoke-free environment will also reduce the wear and tear on the furniture. Robert Couch, president of Virginia-based Centrum Management says a smoker's unit costs $800 to $2,000 more to clean when the tenant vacates. In September 2006, his company banned smoking in more than 5,000 units in six states. Couch also says his company has had no problems enforcing the policy. When the Marriott Hotels became smoke-free, they experienced a 30% reduction in energy use for their air treatment systems.




Insurance Premiums


Insurance agencies report that some insurers, although not necessarily all, give a credit or premium reduction for either or both the landlord or renter on their property/liability insurance if they do not allow smoking in their apartment building (landlord) or their apartment (renter).


Why not discuss obtaining such premium reductions with your insurance agent?  Among the possibilities are the following:





An Important Benefit


     Market Niche.  Nearly 83% of all adults in Colorado do not smoke according to the Colorado Department of Health. Survey after survey across the United States indicate that most residents in the rental market would prefer a non-smoking building, want to avoid living next to a smoker, and would pay extra rent for smoke-free living.  Surveys indicate that low-income residents also prefer smoke-free housing.


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