Fort Collins Housing Authority Letter to Residents


May 14, 2008



Dear Fort Collins Housing Corporation Tenant:


            We are writing you today to make you aware of some proposed changes to the Villages units.  The Housing Corporation would like to begin the process of creating smoke-free housing units for the Villages.  We would like to do this for several reasons.


            Secondhand smoke is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a know carcinogen for which there is no minimum threshold of exposure.  There is no mechanical method of isolating units in a building so that they are not exposed to secondhand smoke from someone smoking in the building.  Smoking is also a leading cause of fire in the United States.  By implementing a policy of no smoking in our units we will improve the health and safety of everyone living in the Villages.


            Smoking is also harmful to the physical condition of our units.  Our Maintenance Department estimates that it costs on average $500 more to turn over a vacant smoking unit than a vacant non-smoking unit.  The money we receive as rent for the Villages is limited and would be better spent on improving conditions for all residents rather than repairing damages caused by smoking.  By implementing a policy of no smoking in our units we will reduce the damage caused to the units.


            We are proposing to begin the process by making all of the units at 100-114 South Bryan smoke-free on November 1, 2008.  On or after that date every new resident would be required to sign a smoke-free lease addendum effective on their move-in date, and every current tenant would have to sign a smoke-free lease addendum at their annual certification time effective on the same date as their annual certification.  It is also our intention to make all of the Villages housing smoke-free within two years of the date that 100-114 South Bryan becomes smoke-free.  Please remember that this is a no-smoking policy but not a no-smoker policy.  Tenants who smoke can still live in our housing but they must go outside to smoke, and will have to be at least 20 feet away from any window, door or entrance.


             We are enclosing a copy of the proposed No-Smoking Policy and Lease Addendum for you to look at.  We encourage you to give us any feedback you may have on the new policy.  We ask that you put any comments you have in writing so we can document the results and pass your responses along to our Board of Commissioners.




Fort Collins Housing Corporation